Interview in YogaCity

I recently had a nice conversation with Kathleen Kraft at YogaCity. See an excerpt below and check out the whole interview here.

KK: Who has been a major influence on your life, your work?

EJ: As much as yoga changed, or perhaps even saved, my life, I’m inclined to give equal credit to psychoanalysis for enriching it. So, in that sense, my analyst has been a profound influence. In the same way that sitting around thinking about triangle pose would offer very limited benefit compared to actually practicing trikonasana, so too sitting and thinking about my problems and anxieties is not nearly as helpful as speaking them aloud to another person. Of course, one doesn’t necessarily need a therapist to process the mystery of their own existence, but I do think there is something important about putting thoughts into words that are heard and felt by someone else... Let’s talk.