Join Edward at now:yoga’s premier Teacher Training in New York City. Fall dates TBA.

Walking the Path:
Now Yoga 200-Hour Teacher Training
with Edward JonesFrank MauroJoe Miller, and Clare Ryan

Teaching yoga requires many skills, including knowledge of the body and movement, engagement with the depth and subtlety of philosophy, teaching methodology, and an ability to connect with people in a open-hearted, authentic, and effective way—and that’s just the beginning. In fact, integrating all these skills together is an ever-evolving art form.

At Now Yoga, we believe that the most effective teaching relies on the student’s own curiosity and investigation.
While this training provides all the concrete and practical information you’ll need (including in-depth anatomy, yoga history and philosophy, mediation instruction, Sanskrit terminology, teaching techniques, etc), you’ll be encouraged to engage directly with your own experience of yoga to guide your education.

Your own yoga practice will certainly deepen through this training (and taking the course for this reason alone can be wonderfully fulfilling), but teaching yoga requires specific skills that take time to develop. You’ll be given ample opportunity to find your voice and practice teaching, starting from the very first weekend.

Over the course of 9 weekends, you will develop the skill, knowledge, and confidence to teach an engaging, deep, and safe vinyasa yoga class. More specifically, you can expect to:

  • Practice teaching in a supportive and encouraging environment;

  • Learn the fundamentals of anatomy and how they apply to teaching yoga;

  • Learn alignment principles and modifications for any asana;

  • Learn to intelligently and creatively sequence a class;

  • Develop the unique quality of your voice;

  • Explore how to transmit yoga dharma and
    philosophy in an authentic and accessible way;

  • Practice safe and effective hands-on adjustments;

  • Study pranayama techniques and how to teach them;

  • Learn meditation techniques and how to incorporate them into a yoga class;

  • Learn how to teach beginners;

  • Learn the basics of teaching prenatal yoga/modifying for pregnant students;

  • Become familiar with the business of yoga.

With over 30 years of combined experience leading teacher trainings, Edward Jones, Frank Mauro, Joe Miller, and Clare Ryan are uniquely qualified to guide you through the process of becoming a teacher. Now Yoga’s 200 hour yoga teacher training program is approved by the Yoga Alliance. When you complete the program, you’ll be eligible to register with the Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga Teacher-200 (RYT-200).

now:yoga’s expert teacher training faculty

now:yoga’s expert teacher training faculty